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Credit Ratings

Forward looking opinions on the creditworthiness of an obligor to meet its financial commitments overall, or with respect to specific issues/programs.


Loan, Recovery and CLO Ratings

A Loan Rating is the issue-specific rating assigned to a borrower's syndicated loan.

Issue Credit Ratings

An issue credit rating is a forward-looking opinion about the creditworthiness of an obligor with respect to a specific financial obligation, a...

Issuer Credit Ratings

An issuer credit rating is our forward-looking opinion about an obligor's overall creditworthiness.

Standard & Poor's Underlying Ratings (SPURs)

Provide an opinion of an issuer's credit quality on a stand-alone basis-apart from any credit enhancement.


National and Regional Scale Credit Ratings

Special-purpose credit ratings that only apply to issues/issuers in a specific country or region.


Counterparty Instrument Ratings

Addresses an issuer's capacity to meet its financial obligations to a counterparty in a securitization transaction on an ultimate payment basis.

Fund Credit Quality Ratings

A Fund Credit Quality Rating is our forward-looking opinions about the overall credit quality of a fund's portfolio.

Local Government Investment Pools

Includes Principal Stability Fund Ratings, Fund Credit Quality Ratings and Fund Volatility Ratings.

Local Government Investment Pools

Includes Principal Stability Fund Ratings, Fund Credit Quality Ratings and Fund Volatility Ratings.

Principal Stability Fund Ratings

A S&P Global Ratings Principal Stability Fund Rating, also known as a "money market fund rating," is a forward-looking opinion about a fixed-income...

ERM Benchmark Review

A comparison of an insurance company's ERM practices against an appropriate peer group and our criteria.

Insurer Financial Strength Rating

Our forward-looking opinion about an insurance organization's ability to pay its policies and contracts.

Mid-Market Evaluation (MME)

A Mid-Market Evaluation (MME) is our forward-looking opinion about the creditworthiness of a mid-market company relative to other mid-market...

Municipal Short-Term Note Ratings

Reflects our opinion about the liquidity factors and market access risks unique to the notes.

Swap Risk Ratings

A Swap Risk Rating is our forward-looking opinion about the likelihood of loss associated with a specific swap transaction.



Asset Manager Practices Classification (AMPC)

An opinion of the overall quality of an asset management company, including management and operational procedures.

Fund Volatility Ratings

Forward-looking opinions about a fixed-income investment fund's sensitivity to changing market conditions.

CLO Tranche Recovery Metrics (CLO TRM)

CLO TRM reflects a cash-flow-based recovery analysis for individual CLO tranches.

U.S. Residential Mortgage Originator Reviews

Our independent view of a company's ability to handle the complex demands of originating U.S. residential mortgage loans.

U.S. RMBS Recovery Analytics

Supplementary assessments of a security's recovery prospects in the event of default under various stress scenarios.

Synthetic Tranche Recovery Metrics (STRM)

A view of what publicly traded corporate credit default swap indices may recover under varying economic environments.


S&P Global Ratings Green Evaluations

An asset-level credential which aims to provide investors with a comprehensive view of green impact & climate risk attributes of their portfolios.

Rating Evaluation Service (RES)

For rated or unrated entities considering strategic or financial initiatives that could impact their creditworthiness.

Credit Assessments

Provides an indication of creditworthiness on an unrated entity or proposed financing structure.

Credit Estimates

A confidential indication, provided at the request of a third party, of our likely credit rating on an unrated entity.

Servicer Evaluations

Our independent view of a company's ability to handle the complex demands of servicing loans and asset portfolios.


Commercial Mortgage Evaluator

Provides transparency into our opinion on the credit enhancement levels for commercial real estate assets.

Covered Bond Monitor (CBM)

Brings greater transparency to our quantitative covered bond rating process.

Financial Services Credit Tools

Our Financial Services credit tools provide insight and transparency into our global financial institutions and insurance criteria and methodology.

Large Corporate Mapping

A correspondence table between an institution's internal credit scores and our ratings scale.

LEVELSĀ®: RMBS Credit Model

Provides dynamic credit risk analysis of residential mortgage loan portfolios.

Structured Credit Products

Our structured credit products provide analytical modeling and data capabilities for performing credit, cash flow and detailed asset analyses.