Insights From Our Economists

"The global economy faces formidable challenges, and those challenges are likely to be enduring."
- Paul Sheard, Chief Global Economist

S&P Global Ratings' team of economists, led by Chief Global Economist Paul Sheard, is responsible for the macroeconomic forecasts used by S&P Global Ratings' analysts during the ratings process, critical cross-sector research projects and ratings performance reporting.

The economists regularly write S&P Global Ratings' global economic outlook report and comment on aspects of economic outlooks, monetary policy, macroeconomic and fiscal policy developments throughout the world.

Paul Sheard (Global)

Beth Ann Bovino (U.S.)

Robert Palombi (Canada)

Jean-Michel Six (Europe)

Paul Gruenwald (Asia-Pacific)

Dharmakirti Joshi (India)

JoaquĆ­n Cottani (Latin America)