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Find the latest thought leadership from our economists in the Global Economics and Research group. More

The 2015 Global Credit Outlook For Banks: Mid-Year Update

The three key banking risks that we identified late last year--diminishing government support, soft economic conditions, and evolving regulation--continue to dominate the global banking landscape. More

2014 Annual Australia And New Zealand Corporate Default Study And Rating Transitions

In line with global trends, ratings served as effective indicators of relative credit risk in Australia and New Zealand in 2014. More

Global Corporate And Sovereign Rating Actions And Outlook

Global credit quality remains stable with developed economies seeing below-average upgrade and downgrade potential—however, downgrade risk remains in the emerging markets, especially in Latin America and EEMEA, in light of geopolitical and economic… More

European Monetary And Financial Roundup: Divergence Dominates Global Monetary Policies

Monetary policies are moving in different directions among both developed and emerging countries. In advanced economies, monetary stances are diverging as economic performance takes different paths. More

Credit FAQ: How Petrobras' Credit Quality Is Faring Amidst The Ongoing Corruption Investigation And The Recent Sovereign Outlook Revision

Petrobras, Brazil's state-run oil and gas company, is in the midst of the biggest corruption investigation the country has ever faced, with allegations of money-laundering and bribery damaging the… More

Global Corporate Debt Demand

While global corporate debt demand is projected to be $57 trillion from 2015 through 2019, the prospects of rising defaults in the world’s biggest corporate debt market – China – and the surge in U.S. leveraged finance pose the two biggest risks to… More

Current Credit Themes In North American Banking

We address the evolving regulatory environment, higher capital requirements, low interest rates, and other challenges facing North American banks. More

For The U.S., Trade Is About More Than The Dollar

Perhaps not since the passage of the NAFTA trade agreement more than 20 years ago has the topic of international trade been so bandied about by U.S. lawmakers, business leaders, and op-ed writers. More

Would A Potential Rise In U.S. Interest Rates Add To Brazilian Banks' Dilemmas?

As in many other emerging economies, Brazil's currency has been depreciating and its sovereign bond yields increasing over the past few months, partly as a result of the Fed's curtailing of its… More

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