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Themes in Global Banking

European and American policymakers have deliberately sent a strong message to investors not to expect public solvency support if banks fail again. This may be politically expedient, but it could also have wide ranging impacts on banks, their capital … More

Global Corporate Capex Survey 2015

Global corporate capex is still struggling to make headway. Our analysis suggests non-financial capex growth will fall for the third year running by 1%, fall further by 4% in 2016 and only stabilize… More

U.S. Health Care Providers Face Rising Risks From Private Insurance Companies

Despite the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the subsidies on the federal health insurance exchanges, we believe U.S. health care providers still face significant risks to their private… More

Insights From Our Economists

Find the latest thought leadership from our economists in the Global Economics and Research group. More

Credit FAQ: How Petrobras' Credit Quality Is Faring Amidst The Ongoing Corruption Investigation And The Recent Sovereign Outlook Revision

Petrobras, Brazil's state-run oil and gas company, is in the midst of the biggest corruption investigation the country has ever faced, with allegations of money-laundering and bribery damaging the… More

European Union Supranational Outlook Revised To Negative; 'AA+/A-1+' Ratings Affirmed

The European Union (EU) supranational borrows on the capital markets to lend to member states and certain other governments on a back-to-back basis, as well as to lend under other programs. The… More

State Of The Global Oil & Gas Markets

With oil prices at a five year low driven by the supply side of the equation, companies will be challenged by lower profitability, cash flows, and liquidity. While a prolonged downturn in prices could lead to further negative ratings actions, we do … More

U.S. Public Finance Ratings

Standard & Poor's is recognized as a worldwide leader in public sector credit services. Our knowledge of primary and secondary market credit evaluations extends throughout the public sector, including state & local governments and municipal… More

Japan 2015 Midyear Corporate Credit Outlook: Slow Improvement In Business Performance To Continue In The Second Half

A gradual recovery in the overall business performance of Japan-based industrial companies is likely to persist in the second half of 2015 as the domestic economy continues a modestly paced recovery… More

Would A Potential Rise In U.S. Interest Rates Add To Brazilian Banks' Dilemmas?

As in many other emerging economies, Brazil's currency has been depreciating and its sovereign bond yields increasing over the past few months, partly as a result of the Fed's curtailing of its… More

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