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Insights From Our Economists

Find the latest thought leadership from our economists in the Global Economics and Research group. More

Global Economic Outlook: Gaining Traction, Gaining Balance

Our chief global economist, Paul Sheard outlines our expectations for global growth in 2015, and five of the key factors underpinning our view. More

Ratings On Russia Affirmed On Moderate Debt Burden; Outlook Remains Negative

On April 17, 2015, we affirmed our 'BB+/B' long- and short-term foreign currency sovereign credit ratings and our 'BBB-/A-3' long- and short-term local currency sovereign credit ratings on Russia.… More

Brasil e Seus Desafios

A Standard & Poor’s avalia os principais eventos macroeconômicos no Brasil, a saúde de seu sistema bancário, a situação fiscal do governo, a situação atual da indústria de óleo e gás no país, as perspectivas dos instrumentos de operações… More

What’s Ahead For India

India’s Modi government has raised expectations for reform and modernization after several years of pessimism about the country. But obstacles remain for the sovereign, as well as Indian corporates and banks. More

Global Retail Trends And Insights

With uneven economic growth around the globe, we assume many retail and restaurant issuers will need to stay focused on execution to report growth in 2015. Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services will provide continuous updates on industry sales trends,… More

Weak 2014 Results Drag Down 2015 Prospects For Chinese Property Developers

Dark clouds over China's property sector are unlikely to pass any time soon. The annual results for 2014 indicate that many developers are in a significantly worse shape than in the previous year. More

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How Standard & Poor’s Applies Its Recovery Rating Methodology To Brazil’s Speculative-Grade Issuances

How Standard & Poor’s Applies Its Recovery Rating Methodology To Brazil’s Speculative-Grade Issuances

In this CreditMatters TV segment, Standard & Poor’s Directors Diego Ocampo and Renata Lotfi discuss our recovery methodology and how we apply it to Brazil’s speculative-grade issuances.

  • Apr 17, 2015

Belgian Banks Are On A Better Footing But Face The Specter Of Lower Government Support

The largest Belgian banks' operating performance has continued to strengthen in 2015 after a wave of restructuring efforts (some forced) that began in 2009 and 2010, at the peak of the financial… More

The Global Technology Sector Remains Fairly Stable Into 2015

Standard & Poor's Ratings Services' outlook for ratings in the global technology sector remains fairly stable into 2015, supported by modestly improving economies and strong liquidity, particularly for investment-grade issuers. More