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Time Warner Cable Inc. 'BBB' Rating Is On CreditWatch Negative On Its Agreement To Be Bought By Charter Communications

U.S. cable operator Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Charter Communications Inc.(BB-/Watch Positive/--) for $195 per share, or an approximate… More

The Slow Path To Recovery In Europe

There are now some signs of positive economic trends in Europe, but there are still significant variations in the recovery across the region. This page features our European economic research from EMEA chief economist Jean-Michel Six, and economists … More

Why Medicaid Insurers Will See Stable Ratings Despite Big Changes Under The ACA

U.S. health insurance companies in the Medicaid marketplace are seeing a surge in revenues, thanks to the expansion of Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and states’ ongoing… More

What Is A Rating? Confidential Ratings

What Is A Rating? Confidential Ratings

This video explains what a confidential credit rating is, and the advantages to companies.

Global Fixed Income Research

Understanding developments in global capital markets is critical for fixed income and equity investors looking to identify opportunities and assess risk. More

What Are The Rating Implications Of Product Litigation On Medical Device Companies?

Although medical devices can offer profound life-enhancing and life-extending benefits, they may also come with significant risks--especially newly designed implantable devices. More

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Will the U.S. Telecom And Cable Credit Outlook Remain Stable?

Many of our recent rating actions and CreditWatch listings have stemmed from proposed or recently completed mergers and acquisitions (M&A). More

Cross-Held Shares In Japan Near New Phase of Unwinding

A growing focus on return on equity among major Japanese companies may drive them to further unwind cross-shareholdings in major lenders and other corporations. More