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Global Accounting And Governance Insights

The credit impact of current and emerging accounting, financial reporting, and corporate governance rules and practices. More

South Dakota Upgraded To 'AAA' From 'AA+' On Strong Financial Management; Debt Upgraded On Related Entities

The upgrade reflects the state's consistently strong financial position and rainy-day funds, and a historical record of conservative budgeting that has resulted in recurring revenue and expenditure… More

Global Retail Trends And Insights

With uneven economic growth around the globe, we assume many retail and restaurant issuers will need to stay focused on execution to report growth in 2015. Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services will provide continuous updates on industry sales trends,… More

Insights From Our Economists

Find the latest thought leadership from our economists in the Global Economics and Research group. More

The Unfunded ACA Risk Corridor May Make The U.S. Insurance Market Less Stable, Not More

Section 1342 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to "establish and administer a program of risk corridors for the… More

Outlook On Pakistan Revised To Positive On Improved Growth, Fiscal And External Performance; 'B-/B' Ratings Affirmed

We have revised our 2015-2017 average real GDP growth projection for Pakistan to 4.6% from 3.8%. More

Global Fixed Income Research

Understanding developments in global capital markets is critical for fixed income and equity investors looking to identify opportunities and assess risk. More

Spotlight On Russia And Ukraine

The fluidity of events in Russia and Ukraine and the international reaction to them inevitably create degrees of uncertainty and unpredictability. With this caveat in mind, therefore, we are presenting our view of the most plausible scenarios and… More

Increased U.S. And Canadian Regulations On Tank Cars Will Raise Costs But Not Cripple Crude By Rail

On May 1, 2015, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada held a joint press conference to announce their long-anticipated railroad tank car safety regulations. More

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Financial Institutions in Latin America - Trends and Conditions

Latin America’s Financial Institutions as seen by Standard & Poor’s. View our latest research and videos on the developments of the region’s financial systems. More